Dana Nicholson(non-registered)
Wow...Didn't realise you had that many pictures. There are a few that I really like. Keep up the good work. :) :)
Anil Maharaj(non-registered)
Seriously very good, almost surreal some are. true life captured....hats off to you
Venosh Sagewan -Maraj(non-registered)
Very good work... Congrats!!
Shelley Gannes(non-registered)
Nice work!
You are an amazing photographer. You have that natural flare which is captured in all your photos! My favourite pics are the puppies..can't resist them!!!!
Good work, keep those photos comin!!!
pretty good work thus far keep it up :)
oh my u did amazing photography especially the mermaid i also lik d ddance hopefully ill model 4 a photographer lik u
Your Mermaid pics are great!
Arden Davis(non-registered)
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